Seventh-Day Atheist Podcast

Abby and Ami read listener feedback and say good-bye. See you 'round the internet, guys!

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Ami and Abby talk about other stuff they make, which you can find online. Yellow Flag Press published Amy's chap book, Milk and Water. Red Lion Square Poetry still has a facebook page that might someday be revived. You can find links to all of Abbie's books on her website. Her books are available in ebook, paper, and audio from the usual retailers. A quick google search for her name will turn them up.

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Abby and Ami talk about what to do with the Patreon content and possibly posting some feedback emails to the blog or FB (with permission, of course). They read some emails about family returning to religion in times of crisis and the ever-popular topic of book-burning.

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Abby and Ami were both out of town this week, so we're sharing a snippet that we posted for the Patreon donors back in June of 2015. It's an oldie, but goodie. Enjoy!

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