Seventh-Day Atheist Podcast

Ami and Abby respond to a couple of feedback emails. Topics include dealing with Adventist family and working with Adventist school children when you're not actually an Adventist.

Abby mentioned a documentary about a doomsday cult that she watched recently. It's called "Apocalypse Later: Harold Camping vs The End of the World," available on Amazon if you're interested.

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Here is the Facebook page for Human Chainlink for Pulse Funerals.

Here are other places you can help:

Zebra Coalition

The Center Orlando

Go Fund Me Support Pulse Victims





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Abby's home! Ami and Abby talk about the last 4 months, the Emoji Bible, C.S. Lewis, and anything else that occurs to them.

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Ami and Misty loved C. S. Lewis's Space Trilogy as young Christians. Now, they review the books as adult atheists.

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