Seventh-Day Atheist Podcast

Ami and Misty talk about friendships with people who are still religious or who have become religious over the course of the friendship. What role do we play for those friends? What role do they play for us? How can we be kind to people we care about while remaining true to ourselves when they talk about their faith?

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Ami and Misty interview Ami's daughter, Alice - a young teen who's been raised very differently from her parents. They talk about what it's like to be an atheist kid in a Christian culture and awkward interacts with grandparents and other kids.

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Alex and Ryan talk about how their love of sports interacted with - and occasionally mirrored - their feelings about religion.

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Abby and Ami respond to listener feedback, talk about crazy fundamentalists, and discuss the merits of a Great Controversy cartoon.

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Mistie reviews the ABC romance "Heaven Sent" by Amanda Bews, and then she and Amy talk about it.

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