Seventh-Day Atheist Podcast

Abby and Ami reminisce about wonderful toys, activity songs, strange adult leaders, and horrifying stories told with felts.

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Ami, Abby, and Alex reminiscence about the films considered acceptable in their Adventists homes growing up. Lots of nostalgia for B-rated 80's movies. You Millennials may be a little lost on this one.


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Ami, Abby, and Alex read from SDA mailings and discuss topics ranging from SDA films to dreadlocks to modern sanitariums.

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Abby and Ami respond to feedback. We talk about vegi-meat, the ABC, and being limited by the Adventist ecosystem. Here's Betrayal by Merikay McLeod, the book our listener mentioned about the battle for equal pay for women in Adventism. Also, here's Peter Boghossian's A Manual for Creating Atheists. Read along with us if you like.

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