Seventh-Day Atheist Podcast

Alex, Ryan, Ami, and Abby talk about the Adventist school system in general and the dorm system in particular. They tell some hair-raising stories. Part 1 of 3.

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Ami, Abby, and Alex talk about their experiences with church music, worldly music, hypocrisy, and just plain weirdness.

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Ami and Abby talk about their memories of Camp Meeting. This is a mostly-positive episode with some weird bits thrown in. Carob, anyone?

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Abby and Ami talk about bigotry in the Seventh-Day Adventist church and particularly in the southern United States culture of the church. The conversation covers racism, homophobia, dating, trans issues, segregated conferences, and "the amalgamation of man and beast." This is a really awkward show, guys. It was difficult for us. We apologize for our stammering.

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Ami and Abby respond and commiserate with listeners about dealing with family, casual religiosity, literature...and tattoos of Ellen White on the inner thigh.

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Ami, Abby, and Misty talk about worldly literature, fiction, and the church. They discuss their experiences with forbidden books and the Adventist attitude towards fiction in general.

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